Death Valley Bloom 2016

Photo Workshop and Wildflowers in Death Valley

At the end of March, I met up with my two dear friends, Neil and Susan Silverman, in Death Valley for another epic photography workshop.

This year we were greeted by an amazing wild flower bloom. I have only heard stories about this somewhat rare floral event. I enjoyed a back-woods road trip and camped in my truck for five days before meeting up with Neil and Susan.

It was busy in the Valley the week that I arrived. The bloom brought people from all over the world; tourists combined with Spring Breakers and groups of students and scientists who were there for Bio-diversity week. I found peace and quite north near a place called Mesquite Springs. I spent one afternoon in a sand storm followed by three days of perfect blue skies and wildflowers. I met up with Neil and Susan in Stovepipewells. We palled-around together for the next four days before the workshop.

Scoping out locations was a blast. I have visited Death Valley dozens and dozens of times, always finding brand new vistas, canyons and trails. The light in the valley changes from hour to hour and season to season. I never grow tired of this wonderland of rock and sand.

Days later, we met up with the participants of the workshop and we were on our way to enjoy amazing sunrises from grand vistas to multicolored sunsets in brightly-colored canyons. It was a joy to photograph alongside and to share with some of the nicest people you are ever going to meet. The Silvermens have hundreds of workshops under their belts. The workshops are run like a well-oiled machine, effortlessly moving the group to locations that provide the maximum photo possibilities in comfort and safety. The unusually large crowds in the valley thinned out as we found remote locations to photograph. The 3 1/2 day workshop wrapped up outside the park on Highway 395 in the Owens Valley. After spending these days on the road, it was time to go home and process a mountain of images and get rested for the next photographic adventure.

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Death Valley Workshop

Death Valley, CA Spring 2016