Happy Halloween From Frank Bevans Photography

This video was produced to show the back story of an image that I created in October, 2015, to wish my clients a Happy Halloween. Yet another adventure for the Eggs.

A throw back to early school days... you remember, the teacher would give us a few raw materials to create something for a holiday card: crayons, glitter, white paste, scissors, cardboard...

Wouldn't it have been fun if they'd given us dry-ice back then?

All music composed and performed by Matt Tracy

This image was created using 99% analogue compositing with 1% Photoshop to retouch the tops of the eggs, (they were concerned that their blow-holes would show).

Happy Halloween From Frank Bevans Photography

Backstory video on the hands-on creation of our Holiday Image. How to photograph the Eggs and Jack-O-Lantern.