Eggs on the Water

Eggs on the Water

This image, a parody of sorts, was inspired by paintings or prints that you might see on the walls of a seafood restaurant.

I built a model of a Boston Whitehall boat. It had the right dynamics and scale. Then, I shot some test images of the eggs in their boat, and envisioned them taking their new boat for its maiden voyage.

Now, I just needed a suitable backdrop for their ocean adventure. I decided to hunt for just the right wave. That’s when I loaded up my truck for a road trip and drove to Pigeon Point, California, on the Pacific Ocean. The waves were good and the lighthouse made the perfect background. Standing on a cliff, I saw three pelicans flying and panned with them until they aligned perfectly with the lighthouse - caught the image.

Then, I drove past San Francisco to North Marin and arrived at Point Reyes National Seashore where I beach-combed up and down the shoreline. The wind blew from the west and the waves were perfect. Backlit, greenish waves in the afternoon sun was just what I was searching for.

Days later, back at my home, I chose the image of the three pelicans and the lighthouse and selected some great wave shots.

Then I went back to the studio and reshot the eggs in the boat, lighting it to match the natural lighting of my chosen background images. To re-photograph the eggs, I did a little hand painting with light on the eggs and the boat to simulate natural midday sunlight. And used tinfoil as a reflector to simulate the natural reflectiveness of the water.

The video below is a slide show of the ‘The Eggs: A Noble Voyage.' The sound track, “Thoughts,” by my nephew, Matthew Tracy, sets the mood.

Eggs on the Water

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