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Death Valley Bloom 2016

At the end of March, I met up with my two dear friends, Neil and Susan Silverman, in Death Valley for another epic photography workshop.

This year we were greeted by an amazing wild flower bloom. I have only heard stories about this somewhat rare floral event. I enjoyed a back-woods road...


This video was produced to show the back story of an image that I created in October, 2015, to wish my clients a Happy Halloween. Yet another adventure for the Eggs.

A throw back to early school days... you remember, the teacher would give us a few raw materials to create something for a...


In October of 2015, Silverman Photography Workshops and Frank Bevans Photography combined forces. The Workshop descended on the laid-back Gold Country for a wonderful photographic adventure.


Frank Bevans

Catching up with Frank Bevans—the PCB Industry’s Premier Photographer

June 23, 2016 | Dan Beaulieu, D.B. Management Group

I can tell you from first-hand experience that working with Frank Bevans has always been a pure delight. Anyone who Frank has...

Mark and Curtis

During a cold week in late December 2011, I traveled with Tim McKee from Northern California to Richmond Virginia to visit with Mark Morton and Wille Adler from the band, Lamb of God.

This video below was part of an advertising campaign for Mesa Boogie's Royal Atlantic amplifier.


Eggs on the Water

This image, a parody of sorts, was inspired by paintings or prints that you might see on the walls of a seafood restaurant.

I built a model of a Boston Whitehall boat. It had the right dynamics and scale. Then, I shot some test images of the eggs in their boat, and envisioned them taking...

Eggs at the Museum

One morning at my studio, I was thinking about The Eggs. It was time for them to get some culture. A Day at the Museum would be their next adventure.

I set the video camera on time-lapse. Slats of bamboo flooring became the museum floor. Foam core gave me the perfect white walls and a...


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